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The organization consists of three levels, as follows:
First level: Department Director
Second level: Deputy Director
Third level: Specialists, Design and Planning Section, Supervision and Evaluation Section, Documentation Section, General Affairs Section, Information Management Section, Public Relations and Press Section, Legal Affairs Section

Specialists Department Director Deputy Director
Documentation Section
Safekeeping of seals and stamps, receiving, issuance, and replacement of official documents, file management, public announcements, city affairs meetings, and director meetings.
General Affairs Section
Management of public vehicles, janitors (including technicians and drivers) and labor insurance, purchasing and outsourcing, rooms and offices (office rooms, dormitories, protection facilities, and meetings), real estate management, and item management.
Legal Affairs Section
Legal affairs, national compensation, and appeals.
Design and Planning Section
Collect and compile administrative plans, administrative performance reports, implement public services, and ensure service quality.
Supervision and Evaluation Section
Any tasks delegated by the director, various construction projects, official documents, statements, and meeting resolutions as well as subsidies and projects for infrastructure and follow-up management of these cases.
Information Management Section
Planning and analysis of IT systems, promotion and educational training, IT software and hardware, and network management and maintenance.
Public Relations and Press Section
Management of communication channels and services for news and media, review of cable television and broadcasting fees, operational supervision, video programs, movie theaters, and published materials.

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